Cruise to Mannum - January 11th 2009 BACK HOME

If you've ever read "Wind in the Willows" (or seen one of the TV/movies they made of it) you'll know that it's a universal truth that being beside the river is a glorious thing. Not to mention "messing about in boats". Well, a Big Thanks goes to Don and Fiona for opening up their Mannum riverside property to the club to be the destination for a cruise and a glorious day by the river including some messing about in a boat. 20 plus cars, both Monaros and related, turned up at Castle Plaza in the morning and when all the "Hi, how's it going?"s were concluded we set off for Murray Bridge along Cross Road and up the Freeway, turning off at the Hahndorf exit, and then proceeding thru that town and then Littlehampton and Nairne we followed the old road to Murray Bridge, a welcome change from the faster but soulless main route. At the Shell servo in the main street we again gathered to collect any stragglers and anyone who couldn't make the start point, and naturally, for much chin-wagging again. Of course the Bakery across the road did a roaring trade despite the expectation of the lunch which Don and Fiona, Ken and Josie and Durwin and Kirsten were preparing for us (who bought the last honey log, by the way, that had my name on it!!!). The crew at Mannum had headed up the night before to make sure all would be in order, so not surprisingly it was when the convoy reached them around 1pm. The next door neighbour's block had even been made available for parking. Big Pete was bringing the club barbie up behind the LE and then his legendary culinary skills were soon churning up hot and tasty steaks and snags. So Big Thanks go to Big Pete as well! (Actually, it's easier to prise a shrivelled-up burnt-to-a-cinder been-stuck-there-since-last-time-we-used-it snag off the barbie than it is to get Big Pete to step away from the job when he gets those scrapers and tongs in his hands!) The rest of us pitched camp in the abundant shade, and found even more things Monaro to chat about somehow, and then piled our plates with food and ate until we were near bursting, with Fiona still urging us to eat more! Some of the group took rides in the speedboat - one or three of the younger ones amongst us even took to the knee board for a run or two. A prospective new member (a nice blue V2) who lives locally noticed on the club website that we were up there and called in to meet us and to take home a membership form.
After a wonderful relaxing (but belt-stretching) time we all made our own way back to town at our leisure. This was my first time out of the city in the G and it performed very well on the open road (hey, what's 75mph in the new money?) and even up in the windy bits on the roads thru the hills. Thanks again for all who made the day gloriously successful! .

Larger copies of these photos are available on request.