Monaro Oz Day 2003 cruise BACK HOME

Five Monaros turned up at Hungry Jacks - a yellow V2, Allan's HJ, Bryan's HQ coupe and Steve's HQ sedan and Mark's HT. Ken and Durwin arrived to say they were not coming and the original cruise would be run another time. Allan also said he had to be elsewhere soon.
After a chat with the V2 owner 'bout Holdens' announcing the third shift and recruitng 1000 extra workers (he works for them) he left and the rest of us decided to go South to Mclaren Vale and sat by the nearly dry lake at Mclaren's on the Lake and ate our picnic.
After lunch we drove to Mark's place for a coffee and a look thru his shed (many "old" Monaro owners seem to have interesting sheds - perhaps that should be our next cruise!). Though only the three cars (7 people in all) it was a highly enjoyable day!