Extreme Horsepower Show 2002 BACK HOME

The club put on another excellent display of 10 cars at this event. Wed set up the club trailer in the middle of the display and mounted a TV and video which ran old Monaro adverts from the 60s and 70s and the Monaro wins at Bathurst.
Bruce was the main organiser of this event and he was ably assisted by all concerned. The new bunting went down well as did the white plastic sheets on the floor which helped to highlight the effect of the cars brilliant paintjobs. Of course JT, Bruce, Adrian, Kurt, Mark, Peter Kruger, Dana, Peter Page, Allan and Don all had their cars gleaming like new pins for the show. It was a real credit to them how well the cars came up after what must have taken a heap of elbow grease had been used. Adrian scored a trophy for Toughest Street Car. Well-done and well deserved Adrian for your efforts. The club cleaned up beautifully by winning 2nd place in the Club Display category and a tidy booty of $500 for their efforts!! Pats on the back all round to everyone for another kick arse show by the club.