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Clubroom BBQ
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Monaro State Titles 2013
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Members Show And Shine 2013
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VZ Holden Monaro Cruise SA
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Monaro State Titles 2011
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Jaf's cruise 2010
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Monaro Nationals 2010
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All Monaro Day 2009
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Bay to Birdwood 2009
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Kaniva Show 2009
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Cruise to Mannum 2009
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All Monaro Day 2008
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Members Show And Shine 2008
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All Monaro Day 2007
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The Heights School (Modbury) 30 year Reunion Fair on Saturday, 22 September 2007
11 cars on display
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Monaros in the Riverland aka Monaro Nationals 2006
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All Monaro Day 2005
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Members Show And Shine 2005
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All Monaro Day 2004
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Monaros at Bathurst
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Members Show And Shine 2004
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All Monaro Day 2003
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Extreme Horsepower Show 2003 - Monaro Stand
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‘Bay to Birdwood Classic’
This was a major event on many South Australian vehicle club’s calendar for this year, as it’s only held biannually. They had another excellent turnout of some 2,000 cars, bikes and anything else manufactured between January 1945 and 31 December 1973, down at their usual meeting spot at West Beach.
This sort of event requires that those entering must throw their brains and common sense ‘out-the-window, man’. This is coz dragging yourself out of the cot at the ridiculous hour of 4.30am demands it!! Graham spent 40 minutes pacing up and down the front of his place, in temperatures hovering around the 4-degree mark, trying to stay alive. He was waiting somewhat impatiently for Peter Soukup to arrive in his Valiant (Pete left the key to his locking petrol cap at home!) Anyway Dana and Graham dressed up in their 70’s gear to look the part for the Concours event. Everyone loved Dana’s flower power look, knee length white boots and mini skirt and Graham's purple cardie matched the HQ Coupe’s Amethyst colour perfectly. Not to mention his daggy cream, skin tight trousers.
Bryan grabbed some top shots of our member’s cars, which he’s going to put onto his website. Not sure of the number of club cars that made the trip but it would’ve been a very respectable number, say 10-15 cars. The crowd along ANZAC Highway was out in force and everyone gave us all a great reception, waving their SA Water flags at us madly. You realise that Adelaide is a small place, when you find out that the beautifully restored A95 Austin Westminster that followed us into the Concours car park was a car that Graham's dad sold to a bloke about 5 years ago!
Dana didn’t make it into the top 10 but she got some good comments from the very appreciative crowd that rocked up. The weather was brilliant and again everyone had a great time kickin’ back listening to the rock n’ roll music, and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and atmosphere of Birdwood.
Cruise to the Old Gladstone Gaol via the beautiful Clare Valley.
The cruise departed from Northpark Shopping Centre at Prospect at 9am. Some of us then linked up with the other members alongside the Gawler Racecourse. We ended up with 15 cars on the cruise and considering the distance involved, this was a great turnout. Great to see we’re starting to get some reasonable numbers to our events again.
The cruise took us through the beautiful green countryside around Taree and onto Clare, where we took a pit stop for a cuppa and a chance to check out the view of the township from their lookout. From there it was on to Gladstone where the club again chipped in with free entry into the gaol.
Graham managed to convince one of their volunteers to give us a guided tour through the place, which was handy as they normally charge $45 for the privilege! It turned out to be a very interesting place, what with stories of ghosts, a cemetery and tales of what went on there back in the old days. They surely had it tough in those cold, morbid and heavily barred cells. The women definitely got a raw deal, having to clean out the men’s toilets (buckets), as well as do the washing and cooking. Some even gave birth while inside. No tellies back then either.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Mark Blyfield who showed his tree-climbing prowess by rescuing his son’s footy from high up in one of their pine trees. Graham got everyone to line up their cars out the front for a photo shoot, which turned out really great. We talked about making it a future venue where we could have a lock in/nights stay over with plenty of room to keep our cars secure, so we could party on all night. Feedback received by Ken and Graham was along the lines that it was good to get away somewhere that was a bit different, however, you wouldn’t want to go much further away from Adelaide than that for day’s drive. The only snag for the day was that Tony’s car got a windscreen full of carpet, which had blown off of someone’s car or trailer. Hopefully there was no damage recorded!!
'Konica Lite V8 Supercars Musclecar Muster’ at Mallala.
We congregated at the Caltex servo on Pt Wakefield Road at the sparrow’s fart time of 7.30 am! We were expecting about 14 cars but we got a great turn up of 20 cars there. As a result of the unexpected increase in numbers, we ran short of bunting. We handed out a fair few flyers for our Show n’ Shine too while we were there.
All of the Monaro Club members’ lined up in the first convoy for our 2 parade laps around the track, with 60 other red-hot car enthusiasts. Everyone was just champing at the bit to hit the sacred bitumen, for what may have been some driver’s only opportunity to have a thrash around the track. They placed a pace car at both ends of the group in an effort to slow us down. Luckily we left the rear pace car way behind, so some guys got the chance to put the pedal to the metal and give their cars a fair ol’ blip.
The club kicked in again by subsidising every member to the tune of $15, so that they only had to pay the remaining $15 each. By all reports, everyone had a great day, checking out the Konica racecars, classic racing cars such as the Chargers and Minis who had an excellent dice.
Family Cruise to Old Tailem Town
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Club 10pin Bowling.
17 bowlers paid a discounted $10.95 for 2 games and including show hire. Adrian Jensen top scored with a game of 174 (obviously a misspent youth?!); Ken Procter got "Most consistent" with 161 & 156. Tom's wife (Karen?) had the best result for the Fairer Sex with a 151. Big Pete brought up the rear with a massive 49 & 69. He seemed to think people wouldn't notice his ball going every which way but down his own lane!
Cruise to Rapid Bay
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Members Show And Shine
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Cruise to the Murray Bridge drive-in.
We had 12 Monaros head off from HJs at about 6.45 pm. From there we headed up to the Tollgate and then took a slight detour onto the Devil’s Elbow. With tyres screaming blue murder around the winding bends through the hills and Big Pete honing his video skills on the impressive showing of Monaro muscle cars, the guys hammered their cars up along the freeway to Murray Bridge. Upon arrival there, the worms were biting quite fiercely, so it was time for a bite of pizza and then on to the drive-in for a look at ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and ‘Crackerjack’ starring Mick Molloy.
The weather was great at the start but then it turned a bit chilly and even foggy by the time the movies started? In February, hmm I don’t think so? Sitting outside on our deck chairs, we watched the movies and braved the cold. Thankfully, Dana kept everyone’s spirits up with plenty of chockies and nibbles.
Big Pete said that he’d had trouble with the noisy buggers in the back rows (namely Ken, Dana, Peter and Graham). Feedback from the hardy group who had made the trip said that it was an excellent night and that we should do it again.
Wayne’s flyby at Eagle on the Hill was another highlight of the night. Unfortunately for Wayne there weren’t enough petrol stations along the freeway, so he decided to call it an early night.
Oz Day 2003 Cruise
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Christmas BBQ at Bonython Park
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Supercruise 3
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Extreme Horsepower Show & Shine
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Mt Gambier Show & Shine
Another wild long weekend in the state's South East (courtesy of South East Street Machines) was enjoyed by the dozen or so members who participated. Most arrived on the friday night to prepare for Saturday morning's elbow grease session, setting up the club display which consisted of just four cars this year. These were Bryan's HQ, Adrian's HJ, Dana's HQ and Jason's HX (He's back!). Hey... not an early model in sight but still impressive! S.E.S.M put on a fantastic show n shine once again and this was only eclipsed by the antics of some Monaro Club members as usual! The campfire at the caravan park got the manditory late night/early morning hammering. Go-karts, grog and great fun were also just a sample of treats that cannot possibly be summed up within this short entry. So, I strongly urge all of you to make the "road trip" to Mt.Gambier, at least once, to experience the famous hospitality of the local hosts, and the pure insanity of the visitors!!! Trophy congratulations go to Adrian Jensen Top Tudor Coupe 71-78 , Runner Up Top Street Machine and Number 6 In Top Ten. Dana Soukup Top Contemporary Street and Jason Treleggan Hard Luck Award (last minute hitches). Thanks also to Bryan for a good effort to display his car after only the same day out of the paint shop.
Club Dinner
Around 38 people enjoyed a night on the town at Sky City's "Pullman" restaurant for the annual mid year dinner organised brilliantly once again by the Prez. Jason for the bargain members price of $15 plus $5 back to help with drinks,everyone certainly got their money's worth! The food was great and the company even better and a couple of lucky buggers even left the casino substantially wealthier! Well done JT, easily the best one we've had so far.
Club Quiz Night
This event was held in the front bar at the Hackney Hotel. The change in location was due to the meeting room being used for another function. The Hackney helped to set us up by moving the pool table and arrange the room. A group of 34 people rolled up for this event which was good to see. We ended up with 5 teams of players who enjoyed the lollies, nibbles and array of prizes on offer. Thanks again to Mark Blyfield who chipped in with another folding chair as a prize, Bruce who donated a bottle of port, the Hackney for a bottle of wine and our sponsors Restorers Hotline for their range of cleaners to help make our Monaros shine just that bit brighter. The report is that everyone had a ball and we all learned a bit more about Monaros and their history.
Bonfire Night
Our mighty big fire was a raging success after postponement for a week due to crappy weather.A chilly night didn't stop plenty of members,family and friends enjoying around 40 tonnes of wood going up in smoke at Bridgewater. There was plenty to eat and drink, with bbq and booze keeping the frost at a distance. Music and the glowing warmth of the embers, added to the terrific atmosphere until midnight saw the event come to a close. Something definately worth repeating next year. Thanks to all who lent a hand to make the night a terriffic one, and thanks to those who prevented Ken from rolling down the hill and catching alight!
Victor Harbor Cruise To Dennis M's Car Museum
The meeting point for this cruise was the SW corner of Westfield Marion. The cruise proceeded from Marion and down the Fleurieu Peninsula to the Middleton Tavern, where a group of about 20 members enjoyed a great meal and a couple of ales to wet the whistle. After Dana finally found reverse gear in her Statesman, the cruise continued on to take in The Bluff and then it was on to Dennis's privately owned car museum. Dennis and his wife Helen welcomed everyone in, just as the Fiat club got the royal order. Dennis has gathered together a very impressive collection of vehicles, such as a Bristol, MG, R/T Charger and AJS, BSA motorbikes and memorabilia dating back to the turn of the century. Some of the vehicles, like the Ariel, are so rare that there's only one other in the world. After spending a couple of hours checking out his collection, we enjoyed a cuppa and a nice chat to Dennis about how long he'd been collecting all of his bits n' pieces. Ken thanked Dennis and Helen for their hospitality on behalf of all present.
Members Show And Shine
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Bedford Industries Display
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Birdwood Monaro Mania
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Supercruise 2
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