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Conditional registration is open to all members of the Monaro Car Club Of SA provided that a set criteria is met. These are set by the Federation of Historic Motor Clubs of SA Inc (follow the link to read about the recent changes).. The following details are a sample list of checks that are made on inspection of members vehicles.

Conditional registration is available to financial members only. If your membership is not current, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles is notified and your registration cancelled.

Inspections can be carried out by the following representatives and all inquiries can be directed to them.

Conditional registration is currently only available on vehicles 30 years old or older (e.g. HK-HZ Monaros are eligible but not V2-VZ until late 2031 at the earliest!).
North Central South
Mob. 0412 414 952
Mob. 0418 800 683
Mob. 0419 755 618


Yearly Inspection and Administration Fees: 

New Member (under 12 months):          $50        Inspection, administration, log book
Existing member (over 12 months):    $25 Inspection, administration, log book
Renewal:    $25 Inspection, administration, log book (if required)

A member must remain financial with The Monaro Car Club of S.A. Inc or registration will be revoked. Cars no longer need to be be inspected before the log book is restamped but the log book must be restamped annually and the appropriate fee paid.