Monaro Mania BACK HOME

A dozen cars turned up for a display at the National Motor Museum to help open their Monaro Mania exhibition. We were lined up in front of the Holden pavilion in two impressive rows admired by the special guests and media.
Leo Pruneau and Mike Simcoe, designers of the old and new coupes respectively, were on hand to get things under way and were obviously enjoying themselves. We had four HX LE coupes for them to admire... even Leo's old personal vehicle was there. The prototype LE of Peter Kruger met its maker once again for a happy reunion that kept the camera shutters clicking! Pete Munday kindly towed this car up the hill on a trailer after its petrol pump sadly failed on the way there. Once again an LE was seen towing another LE...ultra rare spectacle indeed! After the opening ceremony, followed by free food and booze we departed with another great club promotion having been achieved. Thanks to all who attended and if you missed out, we will be visiting again soon as an upcoming event.