Monaro Supercruise 2 BACK HOME

What a sensational night. 120 cars registered for the cruise and there would have been up to 50 more cars that came in and out throughout the 2 hours S&S time before the cruise took off. Fantastic! I have never seen a cruise like it, Monaros as far as the eye can see and an absolute mass of spectators enjoying the scenery. Hats off to Ken Tregenza the Events Organizer for putting on a great show. A big thanks to the chefs that manned the BBQ as they were working overtime to keep up with quite a few hungry car lovers. Now wouldn't you believe it, TWO brand new VX Monaros showed up, what a treat for the faithful! First of all a blue CV8 rolled up and parked for around twenty minutes and the crowd swarmed in around, I think he would have stayed a little longer but the attention he received was quite intimidating. Secondly, another one rolled up with a young looking bloke, behind the wheel of his dad's company car. A black CV8 with three of his mates just happy to be passengers, came down for a look after half the cars headed off on the cruise.
The first leg of the cruise headed off down to Semaphore via Port rd then up to the BP truck stop on Grand Junction Rd. The second leg went via the top of North East Rd into the city then down to South Rd for a leisurely run to Marion Shopping Centre. The last leg for those still with us went down to Norlunga past Colonnades up to the Southern Expressway. What a sight it was, a string of Monaros as far as the eye can see, chrome gleaming in the streetlights winding down the Southern expressway. We then veered off to South Rd again to head back to Anzac Hwy ending up at Hungry Jacks for supper.
In all it was a great evening and more importantly we helped out the Crippled Children's Association. If you were on the cruise and aren't a member, join up because the Supercruise is only one of many things you can benefit from by being a member.