Christmas BBQ At Bonython Park BACK HOME

Yep, it was going to be one of those days! The forecast was for 37+ degrees, and the club cache of BBQ snags at Ken's place was discovered to be silently rotting away upon inspection...thanks to a dead freezer in the garage!!! Yum yum...Jingle bells indeed!
Undeterred, a quick phone call to an as-ever-helpful prez., had us heading towards Bonython Park restocked with grub ready for hungry members. It was pleasing to see about 40 people had made the effort to turn up at the site despite the mega-hot conditions. Trouble is, the rest of Adelaide seemed to think it was a pretty good idea to congregate in the same spot, making parking difficult for our 20+ Monaros!
We soon all tucked into some damn fine free cuisine for lunch, courtesy of our club barbie trailer and the volunteers. Whilst chewing the fat, (courtesy of Big Pete, the cook!) drinks were disappearing fast as the afternoon heat began to take its toll on our friendly Yuletide gathering, so the call went out...ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Time to leave the park and hit the bitumen. By this time though, only a dozen or so Monaros were brave enough to melt the afternoon away, with a tour down towards the seaside. Ken soon found out that a radiator works far more efficiently when you actually have a radiator cap on and the rest of the cruise actually started to disintegrate from that point onwards really!!! One way to get a cheap stinking hot small block I guess! With no damage done (thanks for the help, guys) we continued out north until the Celsius encouraged us to beat a retreat towards home. All in all, a good day time let's beat the sun and have Xmas in July???